So I have finally decided to join the world of blogging.....Thanks Melissa :-) . I figured this would be a great way to keep my friends and family up to date on what's going on with me as well as another hobby to add to my list. This page is still a work in progress but I hope you enjoy!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

I wasn't fortunate enough to have a three day weekend but I did get the opportunity to leave at noon on Friday.  I met up with some of my favorite people for lunch at Cheddar's....an AMAZING and affordable restaurant by my house. 
After lunch, It was my turn to take over babysitting duties for my niece.  We ran a few errands and visited with my mom at work before heading back home.  Lucky for me, she fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up for 2 hours later so that allowed for me to catch a power nap.....something that rarely happens. 
Friday night my boyfriend and I spent the night with friends from work enjoying good food, drinks and fellowship. 

Saturday I had to wake up fairly early to catch Jayla's soccer game.  This week they finally got to play against each other and it was pure comedy.  Kids at that age only understand to get the ball and kick it in the goal.....any goal :).  After a quick highlight touch up and a meeting with my part time job boss I headed to Franklin for a cookout. 

Easter Sunday was spent hanging out with family and friends.  After church, we decided to try something different and go to brunch.....good thing because my mom has been battling a cold for the last few days.  We went to the Marriott hotel in Coolsprings and it was PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!  They do this brunch 4 times a year (Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).  The food selection was a bit overwhelming at first but I decided to eat breakfast foods first, then lunch, dinner and of course dessert. Everything was YUM YUM Good.  I think we may have started a new tradition. 
Me and Jayla after dinner
My basket that Jayla made me

My dad, mom and Jayla with the Easter Bunny...she wasn't too happy

After brunch, we stopped at a car dealership to look at a potential, new to me, car (I tend to get one every two years but it may be sooner since gas prices keep sky rocketing).  After a brief family nap, we headed over to my parents neighbors house for an egg hunt for the kids.  It was so fun watching the kids look for eggs.  I even got involved since the kids kept running past half of them. 
I finally made it home around 9:30 exhausted.  I think I watched a few minutes of tv and I was out like a light......too bad I didn't stay asleep all night. 

It was a great weekend with lots going on but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!  How was your weekend??

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