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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

I know I'm a little late on the weekend recap but I've been "snowed in" for a couple of days.  I thought when I moved from Michigan that the snow would stay there but I guess I was wrong.  Pictures to follow of fun in the snow. 

This past weekend was a busy one.  It was my niece's 4th birthday party and me being the party planner that I am, I stepped in to help organize and decorate.  She had her party at a local airport hangar thanks to my brother winning a silent auction and we even managed to have one of those big bouncy things, which I must say, I think the adults had more fun jumping in it versus the kids.
Kids playing

My mom even got in to play

Birthday girl in her Dorothy costume
Wizard of Oz cake

Sunday was a relaxing day.  I went to church, picked up a few groceries (big mistake by the way, because everyone in middle TN was there stocking up on food for the "storm"), and then I came home and watched a little football before I cooked dinner.  Since Monday was a snow day I decided to drive over and take Jayla to play in the snow.  Unfortunately, we werent' able to find any sleds so my brother improvised :)

We both love to take pictures

baby snowman......I didn't have good gloves so this was the best I could do :)
safety comes first.....lol

I must say I love to see the snow come but after a few days of being stuck in the house I'm ready for it to go away. 

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