So I have finally decided to join the world of blogging.....Thanks Melissa :-) . I figured this would be a great way to keep my friends and family up to date on what's going on with me as well as another hobby to add to my list. This page is still a work in progress but I hope you enjoy!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

I know I know.  I've been gone for a while but I'm back.  So much has happened since my last post that I can't possibly go back and fill you guys in but let's just say I've been super busy.  With the holidays fast approaching I knew I had to get back to blogging to help relieve some stress.  So, here's my weekend recap.

On Friday, I went to Virago's (http://viragosushi.com/ ) to celebrate a friends birthday.  If you're a Nashvillian, and haven't check out the new venue, you must do so ASAP.  It's a lot bigger and the decor is amazing.  But make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance if you want to avoid a 2 hour wait. 

Saturday was a long long long day.  It started out with a brunch at Monell's with a few people from church.  Yet again, if you're a Nashvillian and haven't tried this place you must.....But I'm going to warn, go on an empty stomach.  There is so much food.  I really like this place because depending on how many people are in your party, you may end up sitting with total strangers, which is pretty cool because it's a new way to meet people.  After brunch, I ran a few errands in preparation for 2 Christmas parties.  They were both amazing.  Thanks to the owners of L.I.C.R.A for inviting me as well as Vanessa for throwing an amazing house party.  Me and my SPADES partner will be back for redemption :)

Sunday was a very special day.  We celebrated the birthday of the most amazing man in my life....my DAD.   After church, we all went to my parents house to have homemade lasagna (thanks mom), salad (compliments of me) and french bread.  My mom hasn't made it in years but it was just as good as it was the last time she made it.  After dinner we decided to go out and play in the snow....yes, I live in Tennessee.....and we had snow yesterday.  I've lived here for more than 15 years and I can not remember a time when we had snow in December.  But nonetheless, we made the best of it. 
It only took me 1 hour 1/2 to get home last night but it was all worth it to be able to celebrate with my dad another year of living.
She help make this cake for granddaddy
My parents backyard
Me and Jayla getting ready to play in the snow
Me playing in the snow

Please excuse the quality of the pictures.  Since I've been gone, my niece broke my camera so I have to use my cell phone.  I'm hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas :)

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  1. Yea!!!! Welcome back! Glad you are starting it back up again!